I've been going here since I was a little kid and now I bring my own kids here. shes very good with explaining procedures, affordable, and friendly. I love that shes bilingual. Staff is super nice they make sure to call you to remind you of your appointment and making an appointment is never an issue.

Veronica Juarez

My Dentist She is Great

Joe  Smith

طبيبتي الدكتورة الدا طبيبة ممتارة دائما لطيفة بتعاملها ومعالجتها ويدها خفيفة ومريحة وتشرح دائما كيف يجب الاعتناء بصحة اسناني وبالتالي بصحتي بشكل عام ، شكرا دائما لك والعاملين في عيادتك

سميرة خوري